2017.04 April Newsletter

April 2017 Newsletter!
Happy Springtime Greetings to all PLAG Members, Friends and Supporters:

April 2017 has arrived with the usual springtime in the Rockies,  sunshine, rain, snow, hail, etc.. Pick your favorite.  At Palmer Lake Art Group, April means preparing and getting ready for the June Art Show. So get out art supplies, photography’s,  and 3-D supplies  and create your master pieces. To enhance your art, there will be a workshop after the April 8th meeting on how  best to present and make your art work look its best.

Entry forms will be available at the meeting.

For each of the past 52 years, Palmer Lake Art Group has been supporting art and artists in the local Tri Lakes community. Our key goal each year is to offer funds to award scholarships to deserving high school students from District 38 who wish to pursue a college level degree related to the arts. Each recipient must demonstrate artistic merit and an education plan focused on their career goal. PLAG’s scholarship committee will select this year’s recipients for awards The presentation will take place during June show Reception at Tri-Lake Center for the Arts. Recipients will also have the opportunity to exhibit their art at the show.  The amount of scholarship awarded will be determined at the April 8 meeting.  Please attend this meeting to vote on the total award for 2017. 

April Meeting:  Saturday,  April 8 at the Mountain Community Mennonite Church starting 9:00 with social gathering and snacks, 9:30 business agenda.  

Agenda and Planning: 

Welcome guests and members & new members

Thank you to everyone who brought food today

Sunshine committee
Treasurer’s report
Color Splash June PLAG Show


Happy April Birthday Greetings to Claudia Dimik and Bob Zettler 
Art Education from Cindy:

ARTofficial Intelligence

What are lines and mass?

The linear composition usually the horizon line that separates the plane of the sky from the ground is considered the fundamental element of the artist’s overall composition. De plane, de plane….Fantasy Island right on the canvas is produced by lines and curves that depict the landscape; the foreground, middle areas and background. The relationship between the different sections provides the areas of interest.

Mass are blocks within form or shape and are considered subjective and represents the artist’s interpretation of the subject matter. It’s a lot like religion; we attend mass so we don’t lose our spiritual definition. In painting, we focus on the forms and contours, areas of light and shadow and balance those elements to add life and interest in a composition.

What does the term Chiaroscuro mean?

This word sounded menacing to me when I was four years old and heard the term from my uncle who was attending the Art Institute of Chicago. I thought it was a secret code name. The “key is the sky hero” is what I heard and wondered how art and espionage were related. It really isn’t too far off the mark since it’s an Italian term; Chiaro meaning light and Scuro meaning dark. It is the strong tonal contrast between light and dark in three dimensional forms using light and shadow for a dramatic effect.

What does the term rhythm mean in art?

Just like in music, the tune of the painting has to have harmony. The elements of composition made of forms and sizes need to relate harmoniously. It is the vitality of the painting, the variations of colors and shapes and even the repetition of objects and directions that lead to a successful pictorial rhythmical composition.

From the words of Pablo Picasso: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Cindy Tafil


from Bob Zettler:

I have attached a flyer here for a seminar by me should there be any interest. If so send an e-mail my way.The next one is scheduled for Sat-Sun April 8-9 which also means I cannot get to the next meeting.  I volunteered to create a sign for the club so let me know the status.  Also I will have a booth in the Pikes Peak Whittlers show In Colorado Springs May 22-21 so come see some of the best woodcarvers in Colo.  Thanks  Bob Zettler  bobcatcarving@gmail.com    Sorry Bob, couldn’t copy your flyer into the Newsletter. Please contact Bob via his email.

from John DeFrancesco:

John DeFrancesco will teach a 5-session oil class at the Colorado Springs Senior Center,  Mondays beginning May 8. Two sessions on color mixing and three on painting. Information will be available online April 15 at csseniorcenter.com. John DeFrancesco jdefrancesco522@comcast.netwww.johndefrancesco.com

Tri-Lake Center for the Arts presents: Predictions & Perceptions from the Spiritual Realm Friday, April 7 – Opening Reception, 6-8pm  Exhibition Dates – March 28 to June 2 in the Main Gallery

PLAG Minutes – MARCH 11, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 am by President, Jim Sawatzki. Board members present were Susie Arnold, Margarete Seagraves and Carolyn Stolz. Absent: Rikki Stiltner, Vice President.

As our new President, Jim Sawatzki gave some background information on himself to members who may not know him. Jim lives in the Monument area and has worked for Pancratz pottery; was a mailman in Monument for 10 years. He was an art teacher for a number of years. He has a degree in graphics design & minored in ceramics at Michigan State University. He produces videos on Colorado history and is a painter. Jim has also been president of PLAG in years past.

We have no guests at today’s meeting.  Thanks to everyone who brought food this morning (Pat Hilbert, Carolyn Stolz, Ed Gordon). 

A motion to approve Today’s agenda was carried.

Sunshine Committee Report: Irene Pallon & John DeFrancesco reported that Pam Havemann is in the hospital due to 3 blood clots, one of which is in her carotid artery. A card was sent to Mary Krucoff who continues to recovery from shoulder surgery. Irmi Knoth had knee replacement surgery is now recovering at home. Cards were also sent to Grace Cullen & Ken Carbaugh.

February Minutes. A motion was made by Cindy Tafil & seconded by Lynn Roth to approve the February Minutes. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report, as of February 2017:

Checking Account:
Beginning Balance 02/01/17 $47,900.0 • Deposits 0.00 Checks/Debits: 350.40 • Ending Balance 02/28/17 $47,549.61

Savings Account

Ending Balance 02/28/17 $ 5,425.72 • *Expenses: Bella Panini/Christmas party $360.00 • Checks/Debits 423.96 • Ending Balance 01/31/17 $47,900.01

Expenses: MCMC rent $ 100.00

Tri Lakes Women’s Club (PLAG booth) 75.00

Tri Lakes Chamber of Commerce 131.25

Printing (Margarete Seagraves) 44.15

Motion to approve the Treasurer’s report was carried.

In addition to the Treasurer’s report, there was discussion regarding the bank accounts and investing the money from the proceeds of the sale of the Vaile Gallery. John DeFrancesco has looked into a mutual fund with Vanguard. There were suggestions to look into Fidelity or other investment companies and the possible fees. It was decided that Jim Sawatzki, Susie Arnold and John DeFrancesco would talk to some banks and or credit unions for advice.


Susie Arnold reported that we had a $280 loss. There were 4 sales: Margarete Seagraves, John DeFrancesco and Ray Shaw.  It was decided that a one-month show would be best; that January is not a good time for a show.

Membership/By-Laws: Margarete received a request from Beth Carroll to continue her PLAG membership even though she has moved to Missouri and cannot participate in the group. There was discussion regarding the need to update the PLAG By-Laws. It was decided to discuss this at the next Art Committee meeting.


The show will be held at the Lewis Palmer High School. PLAG will have a booth for publicity purposes. We need volunteers to man the booth. Volunteers may bring their art work to sell while there. *Sales will be the responsibility of the artist. Times include Saturday, 10-5 & Sunday, 10-4 pm. We will need someone to set up on Friday, May 5th. Jim S. volunteered to man the booth Saturday afternoon. Claudia Dimidik said she would do Saturday & Sunday. Margarete Seagraves, John DeFrancesco, Rikki Stiltner & Cindy Tafil will have their own tables & showing their work at this show.

There was discussion about making a banner for the table/booth. Lynn Roth said that can be done. Bob Zettler volunteered to make the PLAG banner. Lynn Roth will draw up something for the Art Committee meeting March 27th. There was discussion about the size of the booth/table so Jim S. will call Bonnie, our contact at TLW, to get the correct dimensions. It was noted that we also need to prepare with brochures, etc. There was discussion about what we need to have available at the booth such as Items explaining who we are (PLAG); our mission of scholarships; opportunity for the public to donate to our scholarship fund & membership applications. We also need have flyers on art show sponsorship and try to recruit sponsors. Lynn Roth suggested that we encourage people to fill out applications & pay membership fees.

*It was also noted that donations to PLAG from sales made at these show was voluntary on the part of the artist.


Evalina Stoyanova, chairman, reported that she has reserved the Town Hall. Dates for the show will be Friday & Saturday, October 6 & 7. Set up will be on Thursday, Oct. 5th. (She noted that the hall was not available for the following weekend.) Applications are being sent out. She noted that PLAG is the only group planning to have a show that weekend.

This show is our main fund raiser for the scholarship fund. We are limited to 23 booths (4 or 8 ft tables available). Vendor fees are $120 for non-members; $100 for members. All monies go to the scholarship fund.


There was discussion that our meetings should be posted/advertised in various publications such as the Gazette Go section; Pikes Peak Arts Council; Peak Radar, etc.

Adjournment at 10:35 am. A motion was made by Irene Pallon and seconded by Marcia Edwards to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried.