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ARTofficial Intelligence • Cindy Tafil

What are lines and mass?

The linear composition usually the horizon line that separates the plane of the sky from the ground is considered the fundamental element of the artist’s overall composition. De plane, de plane….Fantasy Island right on the canvas is produced by lines and curves that depict the landscape; the foreground, middle areas and background. The relationship between the different sections provides the areas of interest.

Mass are blocks within form or shape and are considered subjective and represents the artist’s interpretation of the subject matter. It’s a lot like religion; we attend mass so we don’t lose our spiritual definition. In painting, we focus on the forms and contours, areas of light and shadow and balance those elements to add life and interest in a composition.

What does the term Chiaroscuro mean?

This word sounded menacing to me when I was four years old and heard the term from my uncle who was attending the Art Institute of Chicago. I thought it was a secret code name. The “key is the sky hero” is what I heard and wondered how art and espionage were related. It really isn’t too far off the mark since it’s an Italian term; Chiaro meaning light and Scuro meaning dark. It is the strong tonal contrast between light and dark in three dimensional forms using light and shadow for a dramatic effect.

What does the term rhythm mean in art?

Just like in music, the tune of the painting has to have harmony. The elements of composition made of forms and sizes need to relate harmoniously. It is the vitality of the painting, the variations of colors and shapes and even the repetition of objects and directions that lead to a successful pictorial rhythmical composition.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
From the words of Pablo Picasso