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Patricia J Schmidt, oils watercolor artist
contact: pattyjoschmidt@gmail.com

I came from a small town in Northwest Missouri, where I attended grades one through six. I loved to draw and paint at an early age and created my own paper-dolls, some still stuck away in my archives.

My family moved to Southern California where I began the seventh grade, and graduated from High School with an Art Scholarship. I choose to try Kansas City School of Art and Design for a short while; that was interrupted by marriage and starting a family. From that time on, between raising a family and moving to Colorado I found more time to spend with furthering my art education with workshops from well established artists.

I express my painting technique in several mediums; watercolor, oil, and pastel. Portrait, landscape, still-life, floral and abstract have produced top awards. Some commissioned pieces are in private collections throughout the United States and a couple of foreign countries.

Two different portraits commissioned by Palmer Lake Historical Society of one time Palmer Lake residents are currently displayed in the Palmer Lake Museum. A portrait of Grace Best hangs in her Elementary School.

I joined the Palmer Lake Art Group in the early seventies and taught painting workshops for a number of years in the Tri-Lakes area. I try to paint and exhibit my work as often as possible. My career, as a realtor now retired, I plan becoming familiar with new products to paint with. I’m looking forward to meeting more artists and being available to teach my favorite mediums.

Warmest regards

Statement of Art

Art has many forms,  categories, mediums, and surfaces to create upon.  Drawing is the true backbone of design, it creates structured composition.  Method, the more you draw the more your skill improves and trains the eye to observe whats really there. This falls into values, negative space, mood, texture and perspective.

The next expression is working with color, it’s temperature, intensity, hue and  harmony.  We each see color differently.  I identify color with tube paint. Like being aware of the infinite colors in nature. Observing the landscape I find the sky most times to be Antwerp blue. Burnt Sienna and Raw Sienna as earth tones in landscape areas, so many other tube colors to create moods of warm, hot and cool

A certain palette does not meet everyone’s eye, it’s just an instrument of guidance to create your own by what you  experiment with as we each see color differently.  There is no earthly substitute for the creative vision seen personally.

I express mine mostly upon watercolor paper, oil upon canvas.  Quality surfaces enhance your product.

 I’ve slowly acquired  a technique that has become recognizable to those who have purchased my work.  That being my most desired intention.

Peace be with you.

Patricia J Schmidt

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