Palmer Lake Art Group

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History of the
Palmer Lake Art Group

How it began.

The Palmer Lake Art Group is honored to be the oldest continually running art association of its kind in El Paso County, Colorado. With Palmer Lake’s deep creative roots dating back to the advent of the Chautauqua Assembly in 1886, the first in our state, Palmer Lake became a haven for artists, musicians, performers and poetry writers across America. These artists filled the community every summer until about 1910, establishing Palmer Lake as a historical center for the arts and humanities. This rich history led to a group of 16 artists already living and working in the Palmer Lake area, who would come together in 1964 to create a “little art group” focused on the support and growth of visual artists in the community.

Shortly afterward, in 1977, a secondary mission decision was made by this expanding group of artists to establish a scholarship program that continues to this day. Each year graduating seniors in District 38’s Lewis Palmer and Palmer Ridge High Schools who have demonstrated a serious commitment to art and intend to continue art studies as they prepare for a profession in the visual arts have an opportunity to apply for a PLAG Art Scholarship. Since then, over $88,000 in donations from members, sponsors and patrons have benefited these students and have further embraced the community our founding members challenged themselves to create over sixty years ago. Since that time, their legacy and passion has built a foundation of collaboration sought out by students and artists throughout the Tri-Lakes and El Paso County Regions who continue coming to Palmer Lake seeking that unique camaraderie and capacity to fulfill their artistic potential. 

Photo Credit: Lynn Roth, PLAG Member Video Credit: Brendan Roche