Uploading multiple photos or short videos.
Repeat form as often as necessary.

Recommendations/Tips to photograph the items to be juried for the Art Scholarship.:

  • The perfect image:  Don’t stress about a perfect image of your work.  Do the best you can to make an image or video that best represents your work.  The tips below will help.
  • Use smart phone for photos and video clips. Use short video clips to show 3-D pieces, as well as 2D.  Or use a combination of still photos and short video clips.  Many other cameras will work depending on your own skills and comfort level.
  • Labels:  make sure any necessary labels you would have on a jury table of your work,  are included and visible in your pictures.
  • Light:  set up in even, indirect natural light–not in direct sunlight–OR a well lit room with 1 light source to control the colors of your work.  Smart phones don’t require lots of light.  Experiment to see what gives the truest color.
  • Glare:  glossy surfaces can be difficult.  A short video clip instead of a still photo can allow some movement around the item allowing the piece to be seen from different angles.
  • Photographing a painting or drawing:  camera lens should be held directly centered with drawing, and camera is parallel to the drawing–not held at an angle to the drawing.  Fill the frame with the drawing.  Take closeups that show samples of brush or pencil strokes and other fine details of your work.
  • Video clips:  hold camera steady, fill the frame, and make slow, deliberate movements around the drawing or 3D piece.